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Project Spotlight – Ilanel for Cafe Brass

This week we wanted to showcase one of our favourite lighting projects we’ve seen recently by lighting designer Ilanel. They were commissioned recently to deck out Café Brass, a laid-back yet classic and stylish restaurant in Melbourne’s Richmond.


We absolutely fell in love with this project as the lighting really stands out in the clean stylish venue and has been used as majority of the décor. Everywhere you look Ilanel’s incredibly eye catching and oh so stylish pieces fill the perfect amount of space and create an ambience that screams “Sit back and relax”.


A large mix of lighting and mediums come together to fill the space with interesting, chic and sophisticated pieces, our favourites being the “Tree of light” a multi -tiered chandelier featuring hand-made brass branches and mouth blown glass shades, and the “Nipple Sconces” cleverly created from saved deco glass shades keeping a little of the Victorian history in the space. Our warm LED filament globes are used in these to help give them warmth and help create a vintage feel.


This project is a testament to how fantastic lighting can absolutely transform a space and when done right can really steal the show. Be sure to check out Ilanel’s other fantastic commissioned projects and collection at and our LED filament lamps are available online now.

Helix – Vivid Sydney 2017

Today on the blog we are excited to share some photo’s from this years Vivid Sydney Festival of a unique installation created by Steven Isherwood, Kim Straatemier and Bella & Hunt’s own Sara McClintock titled “Helix”


The sculpture has 7 panels and a length of 8.4 meters. Each panel on it’s own presents an abstract shape which viewed individually does not give away what the entire sculpture is about. It isn’t until you stand on a precise spot that Helix reveals itself. The sculptures moves you to find that exact angle and once found, the great depth helps to captivate you and take you on a journey through light and movement of varying colours and motions lasting around 2.5 minutes.


If you haven’t had the chance yet be sure to check it out in Macquarie Place Park behind Customs House and to view video of Helix head over to our Facebook at

New! Sunset Dimming Range

LED Lighting is well known for being flexible and reliable when it comes to creating moods and colour temperature for spaces and Segula’s new Sunset Dimming range is a true testament to this.

While the range still has a great vintage filament look and comes in a large array of styles and sizes, added advancements to the technology mean the option to change the colour temperature is now simple and easy. With a twist of your dimmer you will see the colour temperature of your lamps change from a warmer orange as you dim lower and a cooler yellow as they go lighter. These lamps allow cafes, retailers, hotels and even households to have the option for a brighter light when it is needed or just aesthetic warm tones during evening hours or when creating mood.



The new range includes all you favourite lamp styles such as Classic Globes, Copper or Gold dipped bulbs and even the fabulous Diamond shaped lamp. To get a digital copy of our catalogue sent over or for more information on the range please contact Stevie at

Bella & Hunt featured on Interiors Addict

Interiors Addict has got to be one of our favourite Australian design blogs showcasing some of the best ideas and products available to make any space really shine. So when they asked to do an interview with our own Sara McClintock it’s safe to say we were very excited. We wanted to share the full story with you here otherwise you can view it on their site HERE

With a background in architectural lighting design, Sara McClintock launched the lighting company Bella & Hunt 18 months ago and it has a particular focus on high-quality filament vintage-style LED lamps. “I worked for over eight years with one of the leading lighting design companies in Australia and was involved in numerous local and international projects, mainly in the hospitality industry and residential spheres. After having a baby, I wanted to find a way to stay in the industry and share my expertise while still having plenty of time with my daughter Isabella Hunt and, from that, Bella & Hunt was born,” says Sara.



“Our complete and extensive lamp range uses LED filament. The product is able to replicate the warm feel of a traditional filament, but provides incredible benefits with the use of LED such as a lamp life of around two years minimum (20,000 hours) and a low wattage, so basically you use 10 times less energy than if you were running a standard filament lamp.” Sara explains that not only do the globes use less energy but they don’t get hot either, making them perfect for children’s rooms, small spaces, accessible floor or table lamps and resting on or leaning against surfaces or walls.

And while the initial outlay is more, LED bulbs save you money in the long term. “When considering the lamp life and the low energy usage, in the long run they are fantastic value,” says Sara.



The business initially focused on the restaurant, cafe and hotel markets as well as working with leading Australian lighting designers, but it’s recently cast its net wider. “We re-launched our website around three months ago, to try and make our products accessible to everyone,” says Sarah who is keen to capture the consumer market.

“We are expanding the range like never before with new curved LED filament, gold, copper and chrome dipped collections and even diamond shaped bulbs, so we can suit everyone’s personal style and our product can be incorporated into any space – not just industrial spaces specifically,” says Sara.

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Segula Lighting

When looking for high-quality vintage LED filament lamps, professionals worldwide turn to German brand Segula so we are proud to say Bella & Hunt are the exclusive distributor of Segula LED filament technologies in Australia & New Zealand and wanted to share a little about this fantastic company and their top of the range products.



Since they started producing lamps in 2007, the brand has strived to be the best in innovation and premium quality technologies. Their vintage line is a favourite amongst lighting designers, hotels and restaurant groups worldwide and combines the much favorited vintage industrial feel with highly efficient, fully dimmable high-end LED technology.




Their long time experience and unique, patented way of manufacturing LED lamps not only makes the bulbs extremely light weight, but also avoids the need for heat sinks and plastic parts. The Segula brand demands the highest technical innovation, diverse product range and aesthetically pleasing product design and so do we. So if you are looking for the professional’s favourite, you have found it.




For any more information about Segula, or any of our range, please feel free to contact me at


Why go LED? A look at the features and benefits of switching to a greener option.

Lighting technology has jumped leaps and bounds with the introduction of LED (Light Emitting Diode). We wanted to share with you some of our favourite reasons why we love LED technology and prefer to use them in our vintage lamps over the older filament technology.


For starters, It looks great!

LED lighting is extremely flexible in the way it can be used and also as to what temperature lighting it gives out, so you can really do anything with it. From lighting an office with bright neutral white light to adding detailed warm accents to a café or kitchen, LED technology can really go anywhere.

A great example of this is in our LED vintage bulbs. On first glance you might not even notice that our products are in fact LED as they still have a warm vintage feel and the same filament look, but don’t be fooled. They are LED, fully dimmable and they are saving power and money while looking amazing.


They are a great investment (and good for the environment!)

A common misconception when switching to LED is that they are far more expensive, and we can see why people might think that. The initial cost of an LED product is going to be 2 or 3 times that of it’s filament counterpart but rest assured this shock is only temporary. While it is an investment to begin with you will soon see saving in a few other ways.

Firstly, LED uses far less electricity. For example our popular “Vintage Globe 125”s will use around 6 watts of electricity compared to a filament bulb’s 40 watts, meaning you will see great drops in your electricity bill should you switch over.

LED filaments also last around 10 to 15 times longer, meaning for every 1 of our LED filament bulbs you would need to have purchased at least 10 of the older technology to have the same lifespan. This means more savings for you, and far less unnecessary energy and material wastage for the environment.




LED bulbs do not overheat. Due to their low wattage

We always have people contacting us loving how our products look but with concerns over whether it could be dangerous if rested on a wall or if little hands should be able to reach it. The great news is you won’t experience hot glass when using an LED light bulb so this is not an issue at all. Our lamps are absolutely fine resting against walls or even laying above surfaces like bedside tables, office desks or café counters. They also make great night-lights in kids spaces as they are safe, stylish and dimmable.



If you would like any more information or are thinking about switching over to the greener option, email us at or feel free to browse our full collection at

Bella & Hunt LED filament bulbs featured at Sydney’s El Camino Cantina

El Camino Cantina in Darling Harbour is one of Sydney’s newest and craziest restaurants in town. Boasting amazing food, fun vibes and some of the coolest interior styling we have ever seen we were stoked to see so many Bella & Hunt LED filament bulbs used in the awesome lighting design by Electrolight.


We wanted to show you some of the fun ways our lights were used in this project and also take you on a tour of this seriously cool restaurant!


The Pendants

Vintage LED bulbs used in industrial pendants

Who said pendants have to be pretty? These round industrial pendants mean business! Using three of our most popular style LED bulbs “Rustika”, “Globe 95” and “Globe 125” these chandeliers not only fill the restaurant with tonnes of warm vintage mood lighting but give the space a detailed but simple ceiling that is as exciting as the rest of the busier parts of the room. Our LED filament bulbs also dim like older technology filament bulbs so are a great source of mood lighting as day becomes night, and restaurant becomes party!


The Signs

Vintage LED skull light


















In one of the cooler ways we have seen our vintage bulbs used our ever handy LED “Fridge light” was used to create some amazing shapes and signs around the restaurant made in conjunction with Spike design. Whether it be a giant “Margarita” sign or a seriously smooth skull, the vintage LED light gave serious character to all corners of this place and just goes to show how flexible light can be when it comes to styling and design.


LED Filament light bulb display


Be sure to go check it out if you live in or are visiting Sydney, the experience will be well worth it! For any help with similar ideas and more information on our lamps we are always here to guide you so feel free to contact us any time at and all products are available at