Why go LED? A look at the features and benefits of switching to a greener option.

Lighting technology has jumped leaps and bounds with the introduction of LED (Light Emitting Diode). We wanted to share with you some of our favourite reasons why we love LED technology and prefer to use them in our vintage lamps over the older filament technology.


For starters, It looks great!

LED lighting is extremely flexible in the way it can be used and also as to what temperature lighting it gives out, so you can really do anything with it. From lighting an office with bright neutral white light to adding detailed warm accents to a café or kitchen, LED technology can really go anywhere.

A great example of this is in our LED vintage bulbs. On first glance you might not even notice that our products are in fact LED as they still have a warm vintage feel and the same filament look, but don’t be fooled. They are LED, fully dimmable and they are saving power and money while looking amazing.


They are a great investment (and good for the environment!)

A common misconception when switching to LED is that they are far more expensive, and we can see why people might think that. The initial cost of an LED product is going to be 2 or 3 times that of it’s filament counterpart but rest assured this shock is only temporary. While it is an investment to begin with you will soon see saving in a few other ways.

Firstly, LED uses far less electricity. For example our popular “Vintage Globe 125”s will use around 6 watts of electricity compared to a filament bulb’s 40 watts, meaning you will see great drops in your electricity bill should you switch over.

LED filaments also last around 10 to 15 times longer, meaning for every 1 of our LED filament bulbs you would need to have purchased at least 10 of the older technology to have the same lifespan. This means more savings for you, and far less unnecessary energy and material wastage for the environment.




LED bulbs do not overheat. Due to their low wattage

We always have people contacting us loving how our products look but with concerns over whether it could be dangerous if rested on a wall or if little hands should be able to reach it. The great news is you won’t experience hot glass when using an LED light bulb so this is not an issue at all. Our lamps are absolutely fine resting against walls or even laying above surfaces like bedside tables, office desks or café counters. They also make great night-lights in kids spaces as they are safe, stylish and dimmable.



If you would like any more information or are thinking about switching over to the greener option, email us at info@bellahunt.com.au or feel free to browse our full collection at www.bellahunt.com.au