Our Favourites this month

This month Bella & Hunt are loving our new Golden Globe lamps!

Why Bella & Hunt LED Lighting?



Our light bulbs last up to 20,000 hours!

Older technology bulbs last around about 1,000 hours so going LED means you spend and waste around 20 times less in the long run. They are a great solution for the environment, and your wallet.

Our lamps use 10 x less energy than standard filament lamps.

Still get that great vintage/industrial look while using far less electricity. Not only does this mean you are doing a great thing for the environment but you will see a real difference in your power bill every month as well.

Our globes are fully dimmable and have a rich warm colour temperature.

Create warm inviting spaces with colour temperatures between 2200K and 2600K perfect for cafes and bars, retail spaces or even just a cozy corner of your home. Ask us about our sunset dimming range also that go the extra mile to create the perfect solution for taking a space from day to night.

We have excellent colour quality.

With a Colour Rendering Index of 90, our lamps are an industry favourite for creating high quality lighting designs and warm inviting spaces.

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Sara McClintock – Director / Lighting Designer

Sara McClintock started her lighting career in 2006 as an architectural lighting designer. After almost 10 years in the industry as a designer, Sara started Bella&Hunt to bring in niche products into the Australian market. Carefully selected through experience and research, with the aim of combining the best aesthetic qualities with top technical performance and quality of light.


Stevie Valentine – Sales & Marketing

Stevie recently joined Bella&Hunt after 8 years of experience in marketing and customer service, working with brands like Zara, Universal Store and I Love Linen. When he is not at Bella&Hunt you will find him bargain hunting at op shops or wherever happy hour is.

Segula logo

Bella & Hunt Exclusive Distributors of Segula Lighting

SEGULA is a German company specialised in LED light bulbs using innovative technology and premium quality. With a range that has been growing since 2007, it offers over 100 different light globe alternatives in original and Vintage lamp shapes. Our Vintage Line combines the look and feel of historical carbon filament lamps (Edison bulb) with the efficiency of the latest LED Technology. Offering warm colour temperatures to create a candle like atmosphere and dimming ability for light intensity control.